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The Moderator is always right, even if it is not listed on the rules.

This section is only for talking about ROBLOX, and ROBLOX ONLY. Our staff will be cracking down big-time if you don't post it in the right section.

Don't swear. Attempts to disguise language by bypassing the filter will not be tolerated.

Don't be a jerk. This means don't start a flame war. Like this: I like purple. And then you say that you don't like purple, this might intentionally start a flame war which is undeniably hard to remove.

No racism comments allowed. Seriously, why should I even have to say this?

No inappropriate references. This site must stay in the G range. We are keeping it this way.

Don't whine about moderation. You get banned, you're banned. The moderator chooses whether they think you broke the rules.

No spamming. sdjdfpkjdkj is spam, and tl;dr is spam. As long it is able for a person who speaks English to understand, it is fine. This isn't a chatroom, so you should follow the rules.

No dangerous or harmful posts. Don't post about you going in fire, jumping over cars, cars running over people, etc that may be inappropriate for children to view.

You may NOT talk about competing games (Minecraft, Terraria, Club Penguin, etc)

No dating. This isn't eHarmony. If you intend to date, we will ultimately delete your account at the fullest extent of these rules.

No off-site links. This will intentionally get you banned. You may only go to links beginning with, or

Don't talk about the end of the world / Armageddon. This will get people the scary thought.

These rules aren't complete. This will be updated from time to time. Remember, even if one rules isn't stated here, the Moderator may ban you for whatever reason he/she seems is bad for this site.

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